2020 Federal Census

Be part of the 2020 Federal Census!

Every 10 years the Federal Government is required to conduct a Nationwide Census. This is different from the Town Census which is mailed to Sandwich residents each year in January by the Town Clerk's Office. Please see the information listed below to help you familiarize yourself with the distinctions between the Federal Census and the Town Census. The Town Clerk's Office does not conduct the Federal Census.


  • The Town Census is a one-page document mailed to every resident in early January and is returned to the Town Clerk's Office. 
  • The Federal Census will be mailed by the Census Bureau in March and residents can expect directions to help them complete the Census online. 
  • For those who do not respond to the Federal Census electronically they will receive an additional notification in the months to come which can be mailed back to the Census Bureau. 
  • If a response is not received after the second Federal Census mailing residents can expect to receive a visit from a Census working at their residence.
  • Sandwich residents who do not respond to the Town Census may receive an Inactivity Notice in June. 

For more information you can call (800) 923-8282 or email ask.census.gov

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2020 Census Documents