Oak Crest Cove Park

NOW Open!!!

This beautiful new one of a kind skate park and tennis/pickle-ball facility is just opened the  beginning of June 2020.- Official Park Dedication  & Opening  date to be announced!


Park Vision:

The Sandwich Recreation Department’s vision of the Oak Crest Cove Park is to enhance the quality of life and nurture the health and well-being of our people, our community, and our environment by providing inter-generational recreational opportunities to the citizens of Sandwich through an exceptional, safe, accessible, well-planned and maintained park area.

Skate Park

The Oak Crest Cove Skate park is the newest place where you can grind, carve and tweak your tricks on Cape Cod! Located on Quaker Meetinghouse Road in Sandwich this park is destined to be one of Massachusetts top destinations for skateboards, BMX & scooter riders, and rollerbladers! This park has been designed by the very community that will be enjoying it!  With the oversight of RAD Sports, the Stantec Design team and the New Line Skate Parks construction crew brought to life the skate park that the Sandwich community imaged and helped design!

This concrete facility features two unique skating bowls- a flow course bowl, ameba bowl with a 9 foot and 6 foot drop and plenty of ramps, rails , and vertical props for users of all levels! This facility will be used by both experienced and inexperienced Skateboarders, Bikers and other wheeled sports.


Oak Crest Cove Skate Park Rules

1.    Helmets are required for all users ages 16 years and younger, per Massachusetts law.  (M.G.L. 85 Section 11, as amended by Chapter 330 of the Acts of 2004)

2.    It is strongly recommended that users wear to elbow pads and knee pads.

3.    Younger or less experienced users should wear wrist supports and gloves.

4.    Designated entrances and exits to skating areas should be used one at a time.

5.    Only one skateboarder is permitted on a board at a time.

6.    No food, beverages, tobacco products, alcohol or drugs are permitted in this facility.

7.    Children 10 & under must be accompanied by an adult.

8.    Do not proceed down a ramp until it is clear of other skaters.

9.    No outside ramps, jumps or other equipment may be brought into park.

10.    No loud music or disorderly behavior.

11.    No pets allowed in park.

12.    Please dispose of litter in trash cans.

13.    Infractions of rules may result in loss of skating privileges.

14.    Portable ramps, rails or other skate equipment cannot be used at this park.

15.    Graffiti and/or property defacement is not tolerated and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. (M.G.L. 266 Section 98A

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Skatepark design

Playing Courts

The Oak Crest Cove Park also home to two regulation sized tennis courts and six pickleball courts! Located on Quaker Meetinghouse Road in Sandwich these post tension concrete courts by Cape and Islands Tennis and Track offers our users the best surfaces in the industry !

These courts will be available by reservation only beginning Monday, June 8th. For information or to secure your time slot please call the Sandwich Recreation Department at 508-888-4361 or visit our reservation site at: https://secure.rec1.com/MA/sandwich-ma/catalog

Court Rules:

1.    Courts are open from dusk to dawn.

2.    Reservations are made on a first come first served basis and must be made through the Sandwich Recreation Department.

3.    Courts are for tennis or pickle ball play only.

4.    No wheeled sports- rollerblades, skateboards or bicycles

5.    Only tennis shoes allowed on the courts- please no black soled shoes.

6.    No food or glass containers in the court area.

7.    No pets allowed in the court area

8.    No person under the age of 16 permitted without an adult.

COVID COURTS guidelines
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Oak Crest Cove Walking Trails

Come enjoy the meandering walking trails surrounding this park and that connect with beautiful hiking trails through out the Oak Crest Cove campus and connecting with Boyden Farm Conservation Area.

1 lap = 777-ft = 0.147-mile

1 mile = 6.8 laps

10 laps = 1.5 miles

For Boyden Farm Trail information visit:


COMING SOON- Sandwich Disk Golf Course!

For park questions, concerns or reservations please contact the Sandwich Recreation Department at 508-888-4361.