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The mission of the Sandwich Center for Active Living is to provide the community with a vibrant environment for learning, creativity and social connection through programs that support a healthy and vital lifestyle including wellness, educational, cultural and recreational opportunities for all ages.”

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  • Are all ages welcome anytime? During the COA operating hours of 8:30-4:30, scheduled COA programs are taking place in the building.The walking track and common spaces are open to all ages during those same hours. We ask that people check in at the front desk if they are using rooms to be sure that a scheduled program isn’t about to take place. At this time, the gymnasium is only open for scheduled use. The Recreation Department is now scheduling open gym time on Friday nights and other activities. Registration is required for those events. This link can be used to find a list of programs and register: Sandwich Recreation Department: Online Registration by For more information on when and how the building can be used, anyone can call the Center for Active Living/COA with any questions. More programming for all ages will be developed in the coming months!
  • How do I sign up for the walking program?  The walking track will be open to registered walkers from 7:30AM to 4:30PM unless closed for programming and is limited to 46 people. Please look for registration information coming later this month.
  • What new programs will be offered?  New programs will be scheduled in the coming months as we scale up operations of the Center for Active Living. The Senior and Community Services Department and the Recreation Department will have information available on their pages on the Town website and via social media or newsletter. 
  • How will Public Health Programs be impacted?  As soon as we reopen Public Health programs will resume, business as usual, with the exception of durable medical equipment. The durable medical supply shed at the CAL is under construction and those supplies will not be available for several weeks. The Public Health Nurse will inventory our supplies and reorganize our new shed to make it easier for you to access this valuable community service.  We will announce our reopening of this service as soon as it is available.  Thank you for your patience.
  • What should I do with my borrowed durable medical equipment?  If you have borrowed durable medical supplies such as crutches, a walker or other items please hold onto them until you are notified that they can be returned to the CAL at 70 Quaker Meetinghouse Road.
  • Is there a membership fee?   There is no membership fee to use the Center for Active Living. Some programs that are scheduled in the building will have a registration fee. 
  • When will the fitness room be open?   Exercise machines and equipment will be added to the fitness room in the future. Currently the room will be used for scheduled group exercise classes. Scheduled times can be found on the COA calendar or Recreation Department web page. 
  • Is the kitchen available for private events?  The kitchen is for use for scheduled events by the Senior and Community Services and the Recreation Department. Groups wishing to rent the kitchen will need to provide already prepared foods that only need re-heating. Those wishing to use the full kitchen will need certifications for safe food preparation, handling and allergens awareness. 
  • Will there be open gym time?  The Sandwich Recreation Department in coordination with Senior and Community Services  will be evaluating available times for an open gym program. Once the Center for active Living is open for public use and staffing is in place we will have more information on our website  
  • Will Pickleball be offered at the Center for Active Living?  The Center for Active Living gymnasium is lined with three pickleball courts. The Recreation Department is in the process of scheduling Learn to Play classes as well as other playing opportunities. The indoor courts will primarily be used in the winter months when the outdoor courts are closed. All program information and registration will be through the Sandwich Recreation Department.
  • What kind of programs will be available for people under age 60?  Together with Senior and Community Services, the Recreation Department will be offering many different program opportunities in the Center for Active Living. We are excited to create new program opportunities for all ages and abilities in this amazing space.  
  • When will the Center for Active Living (CAL) be open?  The last day of operations at the Human Services Building for the Senior and Community Services and Public Health Nurse Departments will be Friday, March 3, 2023. They will then be closed for all programs and services until at least Friday, March 10th as the move and set up in the new location is completed. We hope to resume all programming on Monday, March 13, 2023, subject to a successful transition. Updates will be posted on our website, (direct page link), Facebook and Twitter. If you have questions about the Center for Active Living please email   
  • When can I visit the CAL?  As we scale up operations, in the first 90-120 days (or more if needed), the common areas and such as the Lobby, the Lounge, and Game Room will be open to residents of the Town of Sandwich, unless they are reserved for scheduled programs. The Walking Track will be open from 7:30 AM to 4:30 pm, unless reserved for scheduled programming, and is limited to 46 people. The Gymnasium will be open for scheduled events only. After the initial opening period, we will evaluate operations and staffing and will consider changes to the availability of all areas. 
  • Can space be rented for a private event?   During our initial opening period, only programs scheduled by the Senior and Community Services and Recreation Departments or the Public Health Nurse will be offered. Due to the large size of the building, private programs will require staff support for systems training to ensure the safety of our patrons, to maintain building security and to make a successful event for all.