Boardwalk FAQs

  • How can I access Mill Creek Beach?  We thank you for your patience and understanding while the Boardwalk is under construction and secured for patron safety. This summer 2023, the only access to Mill Creek Beach is from the beachside of Town Neck Beach, over the last dune stairs, as shown on this illustration.   We understand this is an inconvenience to our beachgoers who enjoy the shallows of the creek.  The Boardwalk Area is a construction zone.  The Town’s general contractor has secured the smallest area from which they can safely operate and provide access to both the Mill Creek Bridge and Mill Creek Beach. When complete, the Boardwalk reconstruction will create a safe, accessible and resilient crossing from Boardwalk Road to Town Neck Beach. We apologize for the impact this season and hope you will enjoy the Boardwalk for many years to come. We encourage you to consider one of our other ocean beaches this year!
  • Why can’t you create a walking path along the construction fencing or move the fence to allow access to Mill Creek Beach?  The Town’s general contractor has secured the smallest area necessary to safely accommodate equipment and materials in a heavily used recreational area. We cannot safely reduce the work zone.  The areas outside of the work zone are shore bird nesting and foraging habitat.   Access through these natural resource areas (dunes and marsh habitats) is prohibited.  The Boardwalk project obtained multiple local, state, and federal permits and we have an obligation and responsibility to limit environmental impacts.   Please do your part and stay out of the shore bird habitat.  Thank you!
  • Why is the Boardwalk under construction during the summer?  Delaying the project beyond this summer to fall 2023 was not an option.  Delay would have increased the cost of the project to the taxpayers and put our environmental permits at risk. The general contractor has 365 days to complete the project and the Town could not have guaranteed that the Boardwalk would be complete by summer 2024. We thank you for your patience!
  • When and where may I pick up old plank once it is removed from the Boardwalk? Engraved planks will be removed from the Boardwalk in batches as the construction progresses later this summer. More specific information will be broadcast through the Town Website and social media sites as it becomes available.  Questions about planks should be directed to
  • Can I still use the Mill Creek Bridge?  The footbridge and access from the Boardwalk Road parking lot are open for recreational activity.  Construction for most of the summer will focus on the areas of the Boardwalk adjacent to Town Neck Beach.  Our general contractor will advise the Town when construction activity will limit access to the Mill Creek Bridge, we will advise the community accordingly on this webpage and through our social media sites.  It is currently anticipated that this will occur late summer/early fall.  
  • What about new planks?   The Select Board will consider engraving new planks after construction is complete and the one year project warranty expires.