The Boardwalk

Planks are no longer available for sale.

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View our list of all planks to navigate a database of all Boardwalk planks prior to the most recent reconstruction efforts, and use the sketch to find the section your engraved board is located. View the sketch of the Boardwalk sections.

Replacement Policy

Unfortunately, the Town of Sandwich is not able to guarantee that the Boardwalk plank engravements will be maintained in perpetuity.

The engravements were offered in return for a donation to the maintenance fund and last as long as the plank remained in service. When engravements were offered, they were ordered in large batches. The economy of scale allowed the work to be done relatively inexpensively. This significantly reduced the cost of the engraving and allowed accruement of a portion of the donation in the maintenance fund. Unfortunately, a single plank engravement order can far exceed the amount of the original donation. As a result, it would not be responsible for the Town to utilize our limited maintenance funds to engrave replacement planks on a plank by plank basis.

Over time, the sand wears out engravements, planks have broken, and the receding dune continues to shorten the walk. Eventually, every Boardwalk plank will have to be replaced. As a result, the Town simply cannot afford to be responsible for re-engravements.

The Town feels strongly that the Boardwalk is a special place, and we will continue to do the best we can to maintain it and keep it open for residents and guests for years to come.

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