Ryder Conservation Area

The Ryder property was acquired by the town on March 5, 1973, as one of five parcels of land. The Ryder property itself consists of 12 original parcels of land that equaled 254 acres in total. According to local historian John Cullity, “There were seven owners involved, all connected to the Ryder family, whose homestead was in Cotuit Village. The total purchase price was $1,463,916., a whopping sum (there was state and federal assistance), but it passed 491 to 35. It was a worthy investment, with huge conservation and recreational value much appreciated over the years.”

The property is physically divided in half by Cotuit Road which runs north/south. There is a main entrance on Cotuit Road and on South Sandwich Road as well where an interior road allows for access to the Wakeby Pond. During the summer months, Work-campers tend the property, checking in visitors and maintaining the trail systems at the property.

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