1. General Rules
  2. Harvest Restrictions
  3. Harvest Limits
  4. Minimum Size Limits
  5. Gear Restrictions

General Rules

  • Shellfish Permits expire at the close of the season each fiscal year. Applicants for a Shellfish Permit for the next year shall first submit a Catch Report for the prior year.
  • No person shall take or attempt to take shellfish or sea worms, herring or eels within the Town without a valid Sandwich Shellfish Permit and be in possession of a standardized shellfish measuring device appropriate for determining legality of his/her catch.
  • Shellfish Permits shall be visibly displayed on the permit holder in plain view on outer clothing while shellfishing, landing, and/or transporting ashore.
  • Permit holders may take guests to harvest shellfish with them as long as only one (1) weekly limit is taken. The permit holder is responsible for any violations of these regulations by their guests, and must be present when permit is in use.
  • All shellfish, sea worms, herring, and eels are subject to inspection. Shellfish must be brought ashore intact in the shell. Permit holders, upon the request of the Enforcing Agent shall display their catch, permit, and shellfish gauge and must land, walk ashore, or deliver shellfish at or to any place designated to allow for inspection.
  • No person shall offer for sale, for money or other consideration, any shellfish, sea worms, herring, or eels taken under a Recreational Shellfish Permit.
  • Permits are not transferable without the written permission of the Town Manager or Shellfish Constable.
  • No person (child) under 16 shall be allowed to use a shellfish permit unless accompanied by an adult with a valid Sandwich Shellfish Permit.
  • Shellfish harvest is only allowed in approved Open Areas. Any area not specifically designated as an Open Area shall be considered a Closed Area.
  • All shellfish harvested, with the exception of sea clams, sea worms, and eels, shall only be contained and transported in a standard ten (10) quart metal wire Peck Basket, as defined by these regulations.
  • The Wet Storage of all shellfish in all Town waters is prohibited.
  • Starfish, green crabs, conch, moon snails, oyster drills, or winkles shall not be returned to the waters, but shall be placed above the high water mark or some other suitable place out of the water.