Conservation and Management

  1. Conservation Policies
  2. River Herring Prohibition
  3. Eels
  • All holes shall be backfilled when digging soft shell clams, razor clams, sea clams and sea worms before leaving the area. Seed clams shall be replanted, immediately, with the “neck” of the clam up at the time and place where initially dug.
  • The digging of or removal of thatch (grass) or peat for purposes of harvesting shellfish or predators is prohibited.
  • All shellfish shall be culled and all seed returned or the waters and flats immediately. Persons shall not take nor have in their possession (in baskets, buckets, vessels, bags, pockets, or other containers) seed shellfish.
  • No person shall plant, place, transplant or transfer shellfish within the Town.
  • Areas of the shoreline or flats may be closed from time to time by the Department for the protection and development of shellfish populations. No person shall take or attempt to take shellfish from such areas.