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Cable TV Advisory Committee

  1. Town of Sandwich Cable TV Advisory
    Sandwich will soon enter negotiations with Comcast for a new cable contract. A public hearing to identify cable needs in Sandwich was recently held on April 30th, and now this survey provides an additional opportunity for further feedback from the public. Please take 10-15 minutes to respond below. Thank you for your efforts.
  2. Sandwich Town Seal Extra Small
  3. Are you currently a Comcast subscriber?
  4. Do you receive High Definition (HD) cable service on some channels?
  5. Do you have XFINITY on Demand?
  6. Have you ever discontinued Comcast cable service?
  7. Would you recommend Comcast cable service to others?
  8. Do you have a satellite dish?
  9. Are you considering purchasing a satellite dish?
  10. Have you heard of Sandwich Community Television (SCTV)?
  11. Do you watch SCTV (channels 13, 14, or 15)?
  12. Comcast Service
  13. Please rate Comcast’s cable service in the following questions below using a 1-5 scale:
    1. Unsatisfied 2. Somewhat Satisfied 3. Satisfied 4. Very Satisfied 5. Excellent
  14. Comcast's response to complaints:
  15. Overall courtesy and professionalism:
  16. Cost:
  17. Customer service:
  18. Variety of channels offered:
  19. Picture and sound quality
  20. Billing accuracy:
  21. Resolution of billing errors:
  22. Overall satisfaction:
  23. Have you ever called Comcast?
  24. Was the call resolved on the first attempt?
  25. Have you ever visited the Comcast Service Center located at 290 Route 130?
  26. Were all issues resolved on the first visit?
  27. Have you ever scheduled an appointment for a Comcast technician?
  28. Was it easy to schedule?
  29. Were all issues resolved on the first visit?
  30. SCTV - Sandwich Community Access TV
  31. How regularly do you watch SCTV (channels 13, 14, or 15)?
  32. Have you ever visited SCTV?
  33. Would you attend an open house and/or training event at SCTV?
  34. Demographics
  35. Gender:
  36. Age:
  37. One average, how much cable television do you watch weekly?
  38. Thank you for providing important feedback.
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