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Visitor Services Board Request Form

  1. Visitor Services Board Request Form*
    The Visitors Service Board (VSB) is made up of 7 members that are appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The VSB Committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center. The VSB is responsible for allocation of funds from the room occupancy tax to fund programs and projects that enhance the beautification, recreational resources, public safety, promotional and marketing activities, events, services, and public improvements which are of clear mutual interest to the residents and visitors of the town of Sandwich, and which strengthen said town as an attractive center for tourism, conventions, and related purposes of the visitor industry.
  2. Request for an Event in Sandwich
  3. Please give us a brief description of the event: (When did event start, how does the event benefit the town, or public improvements, etc….)
  4. Description of what the funds will actually be going to to support the event: (marketing, event rentals, signs, etc…)
  5. Please Include:
    Along with this form include estimates, invoices due or invoices already paid for by the organization. You may attach them below.
  6. VSB Contact Info:
    Please email any questions to VSB Chairman Heidi Trottier at
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